A Close-to-Nature Experience

Greenstones have four modern yurts available for self-catering holidays on the island of Flatön on the west coast of Sweden. They are built on insulated platforms, are double insulated and are warm, comfortable and cozy! Breakfast baskets, linen hire, massage sessions and end-of-stay cleaning are all available as extras.

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The Yurts

The Burgundy Yurt is 7.3 metres in diameter with its own private, modern compost toilet out the back door.

  • Comfortable double bed
  • Kitchenette with hot and cold running water, refrigerator and two induction plates
  • Wood burning stove
  • Heated sanitary facilities with shower and flush toilet is nearby

The Jade Yurt is a 30 m2 yurt that is 6.1 metres in diameter.

  • Comfortable twin beds (also as double)
  • Kitchenette with hot and cold running water and a refrigerator
  • Induction hob with two zones
  • Wood burning stove
  • Modern compost toilet nearby
  • Heated shower nearby

The Ochre Yurt is a 30 m2 yurt that is 6.1 metres in diameter with its own private, modern compost toilet next to the front platform.

  • Comfortable twin beds (also as double)
  • Kitchenette with hot and cold running water, refrigerator and induction hob
  • Wood burning stove
  • Private modern compost toilet

The Silver Yurt is 7.3 metres in diameter and has its own shower and toilet, both with in-floor heating.

  • Comfortable double bed
  • Large kitchenette with hot and cold running water and refrigerator
  • Induction hob with four zones
  • Wood burning stove
  • Central heating

What's included

  • Accommodation for two adults
  • Access to our heated pool and wood-fired sauna
  • Wi-fi, electricity and heating in the yurt
  • Crockery, furniture and extras
  • Access to the communal BBQ place
  • Parking

  • Openable glass windows and French door, all with mosquito netting
  • Kitchenette with refrigerator, sink, hot and cold water and cooking facilities
  • Crockery and cutlery
  • Wood stove and firewood
  • Bed, chairs, tables - everything you need for a comfortable stay
  • Insulated platform with beautiful wooden floor
  • Ecological insulation in the walls and ceiling

The shower and flush toilets are located about 25 metres from the yurt village.

There are two separate shower / toilet rooms and the building has floor-heating.

The showers are solar-heated (with wood furnace backup in the winter) and the grey water is led to our ecological cleaning ponds for treatment.

Breakfast basket

You can order a breakfast basket for SEK 60 per person, per night


You can reserve a linen package for SEK 100 per person that includes sheets, a bathrobe and towels. Otherwise bring your own. No sleeping bags please.


The end of stay cleaning fee is SEK 500 per yurt. This applies only if you choose not to clean your yurt as per the instructions provided.

The hot tub is operational from the beginning of October until the end of April. The pool is operational from the beginning of May until the end of September. 

  • The Hot Tub is 2m in diameter and is heated to 39°C. This is enough space for 4 - 6 people.
  • The Pool is 3.5 m by 4.5 m in size and is heated to 32°C.
  • They are both sanitised and cleaned with UV disinfection and a sand filter system to keep chlorine levels to the lowest possible safe level. The water is tested and adjusted daily.
  • The sauna has enough seating space for 4 - 6 people.
  • The wood-fired sauna stove has 200kg of stones.
  • The sauna has wonderful views of nature through its glass door and windows.

Classic Massage

A 50 minute session Classic Massage in our dedicated Massage Yurt costs SEK 620.

A 25 minute session Classic Massage in our dedicated Massage Yurt costs SEK 310.

It is advisable to book your Massage session(s) in advance of your stay.

SEK 1,295 (summer) / SEK 995 per night per yurt for a one night stay

SEK 995 per night per yurt for stays of two nights or longer

We accept payment via bank card, bank transfer, SWISH or cash.


What is a yurt?

A yurt is a traditional round, insulated dwelling originally developed by the nomads of Central Asia. They are robust, warm and provide an amazing feeling of space.

The traditional organic materials used in these yurts work well for the dry climates of the steppes. Westerners have adapted the design to work in the more humid, maritime climates of the US west coast and Europe. Pacific Yurts have emerged over the last 25 years as one of the best manufacturers of these modern yurts. We are the first location in Scandinavia to offer these modern yurts for hire.

How big are your accommodation yurts?

The Silver Yurt and the Burgundy Yurt are 7.3 metres in diameter and 41m2 in area. The Jade Yurt and the Ochre Yurt are 6.1 metres and 30m2 in area.

What's in each yurt besides the beds?
  • a wood stove
  • table and chairs
  • a place to store your clothes
  • a rechargeable lantern
  • a refrigerator
  • two electric or induction hobs
  • pots and pans
  • an electric kettle
  • mugs, glasses, plates, cutlery etc.
  • mirror
Can I lock the yurt?
There are solid wooden, lockable doors on the yurts. Please ask a member of staff for the key when you arrive, if required.
May we smoke in the yurts?

Please don't. There is a smoking area near the car park - please use it. We need to be extremely careful with fire here as it can get very dry in the sunny weather that we often here.

How do I reserve a yurt?

Please fill in the booking form for the yurt(s) you are interested in. Subject to availability we will then send you an email with information on how to pay the deposit for your booking. Bookings are confirmed once payment has been received.

Do I need to book in advance?

Preferably yes. We might be able to accommodate you on the same day if we have space, but only if you contact us first before 12:00.

If I cancel can I have a refund?

Yes, but please read our cancellation policy.

Can we bring children?

The Greenstones yurts have been furnished for a comfortable stay for two adults. We do not have the ability to accommodate children at this time.

Can we bring pets?

Unfortunately not.

How do we check in?

Please park your car in the parking space in front of the farmhouse. There is a sign for 'Reception' where you can ring the bell.

Check in and check out times

Check in is from 15:00 and no later than 18:00. Check out is no later than 12:00 please.

May we BBQ?

There is a large BBQ for general use setup on a safe rock area.

What is the drinking water like?

We have a deep drilled well that provides excellent drinking water. We have it tested once a year and the test results are perfect. As on all islands however we do need to be aware of water usage, and we request that showers are kept reasonably short.

Where is the nearest food store?

In Ellös, about 8 km away. In the summer Hemköp is open until 11 at night.

Can we eat out locally?
Handelsman Flink is down the road from us. Check for opening times. Otherwise you would need to travel to Ellös or one of the nearby coastal towns.
Is there electricity in the yurts?

Yes. Each yurt has grounded 230v sockets.

Is there Internet access?

Yes - we have a local WiFi network. There is also 4G on Flatön which, unless you are behind one of the large rocks, gives very good reception.

How often does the ferry go?

Every 20 minutes during the day and every 30 minutes in the evenings and early/late weekends. The ferry timetables are online.

Can we reach you by public transport?

Not easily, unfortunately. There is a reasonable bus service to Ellös (8km and a ferry ride away) however and we will come get you by prior arrangement.

Can we have visitors?

Only by prior agreement.

Can we play music?

We do not allow amplified music or drums to be played on site. Quiet hours are 22:00 to 07:00. Acoustic instruments are very much welcome however (well, bagpipes are borderline!).

Are the yurts accessible for wheelchair users/people with mobility problems?

No. Greenstones Yurts is located in rocky terrain and the yurts have steps for access.

Do we need to bring bedding and towels?

Ideally, yes. Please bring double sheets, single duvet covers and towels. It can also be handy to bring a bathrobe and outdoor slippers for walking between your yurt and the pool / sauna area.

You can however rent a linen package for SEK 100 per person including towels, sheets and a bathrobe from us - please reserve this in advance of your arrival. We provide tea towels in the kitchen and hand towels in the bathroom.

Can we walk freely over the island?

Flatön has a great deal of woodland and dirt roads as well as a lovely coastal path 'Kuststigen' where you are free to wander. There are also quite a few old farmhouses as well as a summer house area where the Swedish custom is to avoid walking into the 'garden area'. In practice this means that the summer house area, which is a dense development of small cottages, is not an ideal nature walk and is best avoided.

We provide our guests with a map of the island with suggested walks, including recommendations on access to the coast.

How warm does the sea get? Is it safe to swim?

In summers it can be up to 23℃ near the shore. It all depends on the weather and the currents. During July and August it is usually at least 17℃.

There are, at times, red jellyfish which pack a nasty sting so it is best to check the water carefully before diving in.

What are your site policies?
  • Cleaning: On departure all yurts are to be left clean and tidy.
  • Recycling: We have recycling bins, please use them. Rubbish bins are located near the farmhouse.
  • Day Visitors: Only by prior arrangement.
  • Nature Spa facilities. Please do not use the facilities without checking with a member of staff first.
  • Noise: No stereos or drumming. Quiet hours from 22:00 until 07:00. Please be aware of all your and our neighbours.
  • Alcohol: Excessive consumption of alcohol and associated behaviour is not acceptable.
  • No fireworks or sky lanterns (fire risk!).

Although it has yet to happen, and we hope it never will, anyone breaching these policies or causing a nuisance to others will be asked to leave without refund.


Your stay at Greenstones Yurts is at your own risk. Cars and bikes are parked at owners' risk.